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Agnieszka Sikorska-Meikle

Launceston based artist, Agnieszka Sikorska–Meikle works in a variety of mediums, mainly watercolour on paper and silk, both of which allow her to work in an expressionistic way to depict portraits and landscapes.

Agnieszka’s current work is inspired by the life and work of her artist grandmother, who has taught her the silk painting technique. This expressive technique allows for unpredictable colourisation and depth, allowing representation of nature in an emotive, romantic way. In this type of work she conveys the transformative impact of Tasmania’s landscapes on the psyche of its inhabitants.

In portraiture, Agnieszka wants to capture the essence, spirit and person’s character in a simple and expressive way. She favours expressionistic brushwork and exciting textures.

Agnieszka Sikorska-Meikle
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