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Amanda Ruck

“I have spent many years looking up at the sky, tilting my head, squinting into the sun, working out how light and colour define clouds. This tilting motion gives me a sense of freedom and peace, with the knowledge that these are the same clouds everyone looks at…giggling in search of rabbits, scary giants or massive galleons, or looking into the sunset and taking stock at the end of the day.

“I use cloudy weather patterns as a vehicle for emotion. At the base of some paintings there is a slither of landscape for scale, and they often include a pathway and trees to suggest an intimate story. These dark broody landscapes provide a ballast for a window of light, allowing the viewer to contemplate where the path leads, or what is over the horizon.

“The local surrounds of the Yarra Valley are part of my inspiration. I recently worked on a series of paintings fierce with Prussian blue, Paynes grey and Midnight black. These works hint at a light known as the ‘magic hour’. I invite viewers into these crepuscular landscapes where night is either leaving the day or descending. Trees become individuals witnessing the sky in the gloaming.”

Amanda Ruck 2018

Artist Amanda Ruck graduated from the Canberra School of Art in 1988 with a Bachelor of Art, Visual, in printmaking and painting. Not long after graduating she moved to Melbourne and when landscapes, and particularly clouds, became a major focus, Amanda seized an opportunity and moved to Healesville, in the beautiful Yarra Valley in 1998.

Since 2007, Amanda began painting in acrylic on canvas, creating atmospheric landscapes with sweeping skies and recently she has chosen to work on round wooden panels, using clouds at night to depict the weather patterns of her heart.

The constantly busy and talented Ruck was exhibition coordinator of The Yering Station Art Gallery Victoria, Australia, from 2005-2008 and also co-coordinated the Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition & Awards. On top of her 17 prior solo exhibitions, she has been included in over 20 group exhibitions in Melbourne and the Yarra Valley.

Amanda was artist in residence at Montsalvat in Victoria, Australia, for the month of February 2012. Montsalvat is Australia’s oldest continuously active artists’ community; a place where art in all its forms is made and taught, and art’s transformative power is celebrated in exhibitions, festivals, concerts, workshops and artists’ residencies.

Amanda completed one painting a day, ending with a suite of 28  works (each 30x30cm), exploring her reaction to living in this unique community.

Amanda Ruck
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