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Lauren Starr

Lauren is a multi-award winning photographer living in Bendigo in regional Victoria. Her art studio and gallery can be found at 18 View Street. 

Lauren explores the human existence through the lens of her camera and her photoshop pen. 

She is particularly moved by the themes of death, environment, history and spirituality.

“I didn’t walk a clear path to photography or art; rather it found me when I had a great need for something else in my life” she says.

“Creating fine art photographs gives me a sense of absolute freedom. I take lots of photos and layer/blend them to tell a story. When I see a scene to photograph, I don’t see it as it is, I see it as it could be. Whether it’s bringing in fantasy elements, imagining a historic place with characters of old, or creating from the longings of my own soul.

“It builds a connection with people who feel something from viewing my work, who bring their own life experiences to add another layer to the artwork.”

Lauren Starr
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