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Roy B Wilkins

Melbourne artist, Roy B Wilkins’ abstract expressionist work has been referred to by critics as “a nod in the direction’’ of Australian greats Albert Tucker and  Mirka Mora, and American wunderkind Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Roy produces high-energy  abstract mixed media works which are infused with emotional vitality and colourful  free expression. 

Born in London, Roy started painting in 1999 when he moved from England to Melbourne, and is essentially self-taught. Working at Heide in his early years in Australia, he was able to study Australian modernist Tucker’s work, including rarely seen unfinished pieces. 

He instantly related to Tucker’s free form of expression. An instinctive painter, Roy  likes to push boundaries, particularly when experimenting with mediums such as  synthetic polymer, spray paint, ink, collage, stencilling, bleach and salt. Through  building-up textured layers, Roy often uses the alla prima approach of laying down  pigments in a single application instead of repeated paintings. Most recently, Roy  won the Community Housing People’s Choice Award for his work ‘Bellyman’ in June  of 2021. 

Canterbury Art Exhibition: 

The History:

Roy B Wilkins
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