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November 1st 2021 - May 1st 2022
Queenscliff Pier | Queenscliff Victoria 3225
November 1st 2021 - May 1st 2022
Queenscliff Pier | Queenscliff Victoria 3225

I have enjoyed being part of Queenscliff Art on the Pier. The uniqueness of the exhibition has attracted people from all over Australia and this has exposed my art to lots of new customers. The guy who runs it, Chris, is a great person to deal with and his enthusiasm is expanding the exhibition to piers in Rosebud & South Melbourne
I look forward to future exhibitions!

Adams Stanley – Artist

If you visit Queenscliff South Pier, you will see the entries of the Queenscliff Art Prize – an outdoor art and photography exhibition.
Congratulations to all artists, it’s an incredible exhibition and well worth a walk down the pier.

Alison Marchant – Member for Bellarine

Congrats and thanks for all your work in making this wonderful exhibition happen. It’s no mean feat to pull together an event of this kind. Well done to you all my thanks @parksvic too.

Loraine Callow Designs

Awesome Chris, thank you. Looks like it’s going really well, I’ve had a fair few sales and responses since it started.

Tank Art – Artist

What a great exhibition, so pleased to be able to participate.

Dezine By Mauro Photography

The positive feedback from Queenscliff alone was quite exhilarating, and now that the exhibition includes Rosebud and South Melbourne the interest and reaction has peaked immeasurably on my Instagram.

Joan Bulpit – Artist

So damn good Chris!
You’ve absolutely created a wonderful event/s that will live on well past your years.
So special. You should be proud.

Donna Cox Strategic Marketing

It has been a real joy to have my art in the Queenscliff Pier exhibition the last 2 years, and now Rosebud and soon the South Melbourne Pier exhibition. These beautiful piers, displaying so many talented artists has been a great experience, and one I highly recommend.

Stephen Richards – Artist

I am happy to be a part of the Queenscliff Art Prize for the second year in a row. Following the success of last year, where I connected with new followers of my art, I am thrilled to return and show my support for this unique art competition.

Lauren Danger – Artist

Firstly I’d like to acknowledge the massive job you have done in setting all of this up over the last 3 years, the logistics involved in contacting the relevant authorities, the installation, the dismantling, the hours and commitment and the constant dialogue between yourself and the artists involved.
As for myself I’m truely humbled you approached me to be a part of this extraordinary exhibition.

Peter Porteous – Artist

I’m blessed to be amongst a diverse range artists, and the momentum of this amazing event is snowballing every year. But for myself personally I find it very gratifying that someone who has never set foot inside a gallery can stroll along the iconic piers and suddenly be amongst these beautiful creations .. they linger at various works, admiring them and maybe just maybe they will venture and take more notice of the beauty that surrounds them, and hopefully a new generation of artists will emerge because of this.
Thank you Chris your concept is phenomenal !

Peter Porteous – Artist

Wonderful Chris
Thank you for updates, your concept of ‘Art On The Pier’ has certainly been a winner.
Thanks to all involved.

Val Parker – Artist

Thank you so much for the opportunity to exhibit my photography on the piers!
I love that you make art free and accessible for all to go and see.
I really appreciate all the hard work you have put into these exhibitions at Queenscliff, Rosebud and South Melbourne. It can be hard as an artist to get our work out there and galleries can be out of reach for many.
This is exhibition is fantastic!

Jane Fitzgerald – Photographer

This exhibition had given me the confidence to exhibit and share my art with the public, and I have met many lovely local artists & my art journey has since progressed.
This year I have participated in the exhibition on the pier for a second year, and I am very delighted to have my art displayed not only on the Queenscliff Pier but the Rosebud and South Melbourne.

Angelica Tralongo – Artist

Well done Chris you have crafted a truly innovative outdoor exhibition, that has captured the imagination of both artists and importantly the general public. I can see this will grow considerably in the coming years.

Wayne Elliott – Artist

Chris has created an amazing exhibition displaying art outdoors for the community to enjoy, with a percentage of entry fees supporting disabled artists.
I highly recommend artists to participate in this exhibition it’s a great experience and an opportunity to give back to the community. It’s also great exposure to share your talent. Very grateful to be a participant
Thank you Chris again for this amazing experience.

Angelica Tralongo – Artist