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Queenscliff Art Prize Entry

The Queenscliff Art Prize is Australia’s biggest outdoor art exhibition, artists and photographers from across Australia are invited to enter the 2023 exhibition.
All entries must be original Australian artworks. To enter all you need to do is submit a good quality high resolution digital image of your own chosen artwork.

Entry includes the following:
• Professional photoshop work to each of the artists supplied digital artworks, with enhanced/retouched files supplied back to the artist upon request.
• Addition of each entry to the Queenscliff Art Prize web site for 12+ months includes all required contact details & social media etc.
• Editing of the artists supplied bio/profile where required.
• Exhibition panel production with anti-graffiti coating.
• Unique QR code panel produced for each artist.
• Replacement in the event that a panel is stolen or damaged.
• Panel instillation maintenance/cleaning & later removal.
• Once the aluminum exhibition panels have been produced these will be exhibited on the Queenscliff Pier from early November 2022 until the end of April 2023.

Participating artists can enter any artworks that have been featured in other competitions and artworks that are now sold if required.
All we require is your own high resolution digital photograph of the art.

Please note after the conclusion of the exhibition, it is our intention to work with a local charity and sell these unique exhibition panels for $200 each, with 50% ($100) returned to the artist and 50% ($100) donated to the charity.
Participating artists can choose to retain the exhibition panels at the conclusion of the event if they wish.

Artists copyright:
The artists own supplied digital image will not be used in any other way without the expressed approval of the artist.
We photograph each of the finished art panels once these are installed on the Queenscliff Pier, these photographs will be used on our social media platforms and in newspaper editorials and other promotions for the Queenscliff Art Prize as we have done previously.

Entry deadline:
Entries can be submitted from June 1st 2022
Final deadline for all entries is September 30th 2022.

When the judging occurs, winning artworks will be awarded in the following categories:
Fine art
Print art
Indigenous art
Digital art
Photographic portrait
Photographic landscape
Photographic open

Entry cost & production charge.
The cost for an artist to participate in the Queenscliff Art Prize exhibition is $165.
Additionally a production charge of $110 per artwork applies for the production of the exhibition panels, artists can feature multiple artworks if desired.
Total cost to enter one artwork $275.
(Add $110 for each additional artwork)

Submit an entry:
To enter artists need to submit a good quality high resolution digital image of at least 4mg of their artwork fill out the following required information.

Enter below

    I have read & understand the cost to enter the Queenscliff Art Prize exhibition.