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Exhibition entry

Art On The Pier is Australia’s biggest outdoor art & photography event. Artists and photographers from across Australia are now invited to enter any of their chosen work. To enter all you need to do is submit a good quality high resolution digital image of your chosen work and a few simple details.

Entry includes the following:

* Professional photoshop work if required to the artists supplied digital image/s.
* Addition of each entry to our web site which includes all of your required contact details & social media etc.
* Replacement in the event that a panel is stolen.
* Panel instillation maintenance/cleaning & later removal.

Participating artists & photographers can enter any works that have been featured in other competitions and works that are now sold if required.

All we require is a good quality high resolution digital image of your chosen work. Entrants retain ownership of their exhibition panel/s.

Artists copyright:
The artists own digital image will not be used in any other way without the expressed approval of the artist.

Exhibition dates::
Queenscliff Pier: December 15th - April 30th

Rosebud Pier: February 1st - May 30th

South Melbourne Pier: June1st - September 30th

Entry deadline:
Entries are required 30 days prior to the commencement of each exhibition, late entries can be accepted but will incur an additional fee of $25.

Entry cost:
The cost for an artist or photographer to enter one work at one location is $295.
(Add $150 for each additional entry or location if more than one entry or location is required.)
An invoice for the entry fee will be emailed following submission.

*If a submission is not accepted, and this is very rare, there are no fees or charges.

A percent of the entry fees will again be used to support Australian artists with an intellectual disability

Submit an entry:
To enter artists & photographers need to submit a good quality, high resolution digital image of at least 4mg of their artwork & fill out the fields below.


    If you are having error and difficulty with the entry form please email to