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Stephen Richards

I am 58 years old and live in Broadmeadows Victoria,but was born and raised in Old Reynella,Adelaide, moving to Victoria in 2006.

I use painting as a form of meditation,and love doing a piece that makes you think, capturing my emotion at any given time.

I use all media and love painting on anything I can recycle,foam and wood being my favourites, but also love working on large canvas.

My 1st entry,” City Lost,Alive”, follows on in my collection of ” City Lost”,this time capturing the joy of no longer living in lockdown..Painted on canvas, 100cm x 85cm.

My 2nd entry, ” A Swim After The Footy”, just shows the comradeship after a hard match and doing my favourite activity, swimming..painted on canvas, 93cm x 80cm

Stephen Richards
Emailkingplonk1965@gmail.comInstagram@stevo_richards_artContact the artistTo purchase the artwork or to discuss a new commission etc. please message me via these contact details.Share