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Andrew Middlehurst

Andrew is a self-taught artist, inspired by the simple things.

“I love the outdoors, the peace and freedom it offers us, he says.

“The colours, the textures, shapes and details that distract us while out biking or hiking are the reason we get the camera out to take a quick snap shot. I’m the guy who’s left behind on a trail…crouched down, lost in the moment of an ant army pushing rocks before it rains…following tiny lizard footprints in the sand or just admiring a rock ledge covered in moss and lichen.

“Details like these give me a chance to slow down and focus without overthinking.”

Andrew has worked as a landscape gardener for years and has channelled his creative energy into his designs, sharing this passion with many wonderful clients.

Through his artwork, he also likes to show others what he sees and feels. These moments could be when at a favourite place or finding somewhere new. He hopes to continue inspiring and helping others to connect with nature and care for their own environments. No matter how small, just to appreciate these simple pleasures around them.

Andrew Middlehurst
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