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Gavan Serle

I started to tinker around the edges of painting in 2005 but it has only been since 2015 that I have started to accept that this is something that I am becoming more accomplished at.

Up until January 2022,  I have no formal training or had any lessons, I have interpreted only what is in my mind and adapted my style to suit.

 From January 2022, I have decided to take a ‘gap year’ from full time employment to put more effort into my art forms and as of March 2022, I have enrolled with Oxygen College in Geelong to start and complete a Cert IV in Painting, Drawing and Visual Arts.

 My early works predominantly feature water. Sport is also a wonderful topic to be able to interpret. With my portraits, I always try to make it more than just a face. My ‘style’ is not photographic but very much interpretive. I attempt to accommodate many aspects of a person’s life within the painting. Often the commissioner of a portrait comes to me with an idea and in many cases I end up painting a life story.

I have also ‘branched out’ into the field of wood and metal work. This is something I have always done but in the past couple of years I have invested more time into producing works for people and businesses alike. The wood work is predominately from recycled timber and the metal work is sourced from discarded machinery. This side of my art is called GAVart PalletART + MetalARTI do hope you enjoy my artwork and sculptures. If you would like to contact me regarding any of my works or any inquiries regarding commissions or prints, please click on the contact GAVart link on my website or search GAVart on Facebook and Instagram.

Gavan Serle
Mobile0417 551 the artistTo purchase the artwork or to discuss a new commission etc. please message me via these contact details.Share