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Jane Fitzgerald

The invisible is visible, ordinary urban images of cities and streets, look and appear familiar but not familiar. We see the unseen…. the un-scene…. we see the city in a whole new light…. infra-red light.

Infra-red photography is the art of capturing invisible light. It has the power of showing us a different world.The inspiration and start point for my series, is a way of seeing something familiar in a new light. The human eye cannot see infra-red light, I wanted my series to show us our environment in a new and unseen way.

Infra-red photography captures an urban environment looking beautiful, and dreamy in ‘glowy’ pastel colours, making the ordinary beautiful.

We see colour and associate colour with a subject, infra-red will cause chaos in the mind, the colours will be not what our brain tells us they are meant to be…our memory of the subject will be thrown off.

To produce this series, I needed to capture and compose with the colours of IR in mind…to look for foliage and shoot on bright sunny days, with some contrasting clouds for drama…and lots of coffee.

My objective for this series is to create a series of images that are strong stand- alone images, but also work well together with the other pieces in the series. I want this series to be viewed, for exhibition, for art lovers and for the curious.

Jane Fitzgerald

“In my photograph, a ladder rises from the depths of Eastern Beach’s ocean, bridging the mysterious allure of the sea with the warmth of the deck. This scene encapsulates the spirit of our coastal town, where endless horizons meet with familiar comforts. It’s a visual ode to the magic of homecoming and the perpetual fascination of the maritime world that surrounds us “

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