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Meg Shaw

Art has always had a presence in my life, even though I took an education career pathway. Happily, I can devote more time to creating, now.

I am interested in many subjects, but Australian themed artworks are my main interest. As a mark of respect, I acknowledge First Australian names wherever possible.

My approaches vary and include contemporary, abstract and linear elements.

I use several mediums, including inks, pens, pencils, charcoal and acrylic paint. Over recent years, mixed media has become my favourite approach. Most of my pieces are influenced by memories, impressions and imagination. Usually, I paint intuitively and rarely, en plein air. All my art is hand-worked, so you’ll see texture, brush strokes, drawing marks, imperfections etc. My tools include palette knives, brushes of varying textures, dabbing rags and my fingers.

Meg Shaw
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