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Carly Wood

Hi, I’m Carly! My Favourite Colour is Rainbow…

I currently reside in Melbourne, but I used to call New Zealand home, and even after almost 15 years here, I still consider myself 100% Kiwi at heart. As a neurodivergent creative, I find immense joy and peace in making colourful abstract art, whether through a paintbrush or a trackpad.

As my business name implies, I’m just a teensy little bit obsessed with rainbows and all things colourful. I love to play with layers, colours, shapes, lines, hearts, flowers, and rainbows in my art, all of which tickle my brain in satisfying ways.

I regret that no one at my school in Auckland told me that abstract art was valid, or I surely would have discovered my love for painting much earlier than my late 30s. I recall a particularly vivid run-in with a year 4 teacher who scared me off by telling me (age all of 8!) that “just the head” wasn’t the right way to paint a lion and to try again. After that incident, sadly, I didn’t pick up a paintbrush for years (and I still haven’t attempted that lion).

Now that I’ve thoroughly banished that bad karma, escaping to my little painting studio and whiling away the hours putting brush to canvas brings me so much contentment and satisfaction.

I love experimenting with different colour palettes, layering and mark-marking to produce one-of-a-kind, captivating pieces. This love for vibrant hues, neons, and metallics is not limited to my artwork alone. It extends to my home decor, my wardrobe, and even my signature pink hair! My ultimate goal is to spread happiness and add more colour and joy to the world through my art.

So, if you happen to come across me, please don’t hesitate to say hello and join me on this colourful journey. And let’s be honest, with my distinctive hair, you’ll probably spot me from a mile away!

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