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Lea Duffy

Living on the Bellarine Peninsula, I take my inspiration from the beauty of nature and the richness of our incredible coastline.

I enjoy working with a variation of mediums such as acrylic, oil and ink.
Whilst creating art in many forms I’m draw to the vibrancy of colour and texture.
Mesmerized by blends and shading that can be created using fluid art and mixed media.

Creating art is my happy place and brings me a sense of peace and calm.
It’s a magical place where I can escape the world and then get swept up in the process of creation.
I’m continually exploring new concerts and techniques and my aim is to create beautiful abstract art, to be enjoyed and open to individual interpretation.

Each piece is uniquely created with love and carries with it the highest intention to bring joy, peace and tranquillity to those who are drawn to it.

Lea Duffy 077 700Instagram@leaduffyartContact the artistTo purchase the artwork or to discuss a new commission etc. please message me via these contact details.Share

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