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Linda Fry

Linda Fry’s art expresses her feelings and those of others that she is close to. Her artwork is a personal expression of both her conscious and sub-conscious self and can sometimes be quite raw. It also functions therapeutically and has become a major part of her life journey to wellness. One element of this therapeutic aspect is that her artwork nurtures her Inner-Child to express total honesty in her art.

A lot of Linda’s art is intuitive. The emotions in her Art evoke powerful feelings in people and may trigger things in people’s sub conscious which need to be released and is, or has been blocked. Often this makes people feel uncomfortable but can ultimately help in recognising personal hurdles that need to be overcome.

Linda’s Art has been a powerful tool for her own personal journey through difficult times. It has been the catalyst for her renewed engagement with her life and the world around her. Her Art is reflective of her feelings and emotions; joy, anger, contemplation, and sadness… universal emotions that speak of humanity. Her work is raw and honest and real. She asks viewers to look deep into their subconscious and to use her Art as a tool for self awareness.

Linda Fry
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