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Masa Hoss

As a multidisciplinary artist with a deep-rooted practice in fine art photography and sumi painting, my creative expression is characterised by elemental visualisations and is foundationally anchored in symbolism. My artistic vocabulary emerges from a committed practice of deep observation and cultural influences of Iran, New Zealand, Australia and Japan.

This is an artistic quest to rewild and reconnect with the natural world through mindful attention. It creates a place of contemplation by applying form, space, and movement to evoke a sense of calm and attentive presence. The findings of compassion science are often applied to invite a conversation of equals and foster a sense of contact and joy.

My artwork has been exhibited nationally, most notably at the Museum of Australian Photography, State Library of South Australia and Bayside Gallery. I have been recognised as a finalist in a several prestigious awards, including Nyland Art Prize and Omnia Art Prize

Masa Hoss

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