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Sandy Parker

I studied at Melbourne State College, in the 1888 Building, now Melbourne University
campus, where I was privileged to learn from talented, exhibiting artists. There was always
the expectation that I would teach art upon graduation, but a sideways decision led me into
the corporate world of manufacturing and supply chain. During that time, I also immersed
myself in family, which meant setting aside my artistic pursuits to allow my energy to flow
where it was needed most. ‘I stored my art in a box in my brain’.

When Covid wrought its impact and an empty nest loomed, the lid to that ‘art box’ lifted. The
joy of painting, the satisfaction of addressing a long-tampered need, re-emerged. Although
formerly a portrait artist, I began to experiment with landscapes taken from my photos whilst
hiking. I had previously worked in oils, but acrylics is my new medium, although I am
always experimenting, – working to find that “voice” I admire in other artists- whether they
be famous or not.

Painting is not a hobby, but a necessity- a form of meditation, a release when sad, an
expression of happiness. It also provides moments of self-doubt and frustration –
contradictory but true.

Now life has provided the dual gifts of time and travel, I channel my energy into creating
paintings of those things I love – sunrises, landscapes, and seascapes.

Sandy Parker
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